Keep LeBron Out It’s simple: if you hate LeBron James as much as we do, fill out the all-star ballot on NBA.com, and pick anyone but LeBron to start at forward for the Eastern Conference. Remember, there’s no limit on voting: the more votes other players get, the better chance we’ll keep his ego in check, and Keep LeBron Out.
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keeplebronoutkeeplebronout: @kaseydashing he drops 40 but the #cavs win it won’t even matter
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keeplebronoutkeeplebronout: @46YACbrett not bad for a first timer! keep it up!
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Who Should I Vote For? Eastern Conference Forward:
Amar’e Stoudemire, or
Kevin Garnett.
How Long Do I Have?


Despite our valiant effort to keep LBJ out of the all star game, he ended up making the team. Since then he has gone on to lose an NBA Finals, and then win two more. We are debating on whether we should change our sites theme to be keeping LeBron out of the Hall Of Fame (nearly impossible), or keeping him out of Cleveland (he is a long-shot to rejoin the Cavs next year). But at this point the hate has subsided and we’d forgive him if he came back and finally delivered the championship we’ve been missing over the years.

Send me any ideas for what you’d like our site to feature (Keep LeBron out of the paint…). In the meantime I’ll be delivering dumpster rentals around Cleveland and the surrounding areas at my fascinating day job while working for Dumpster Center. If you need to throw out all of your old LeBron Cavs gear give Dumpster Center a call, tell them you’re getting rid of all of your LeBron gear and maybe I’ll get you a deal on a dumpster rental.